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Welcome to Inter-Freight

Inter-Freight LLC provides international transportation of any type of cargo at any distance.

We use all types of transport – inland, maritime, air – to deliver goods quickly and safely. Do you want to shorten transportation time or save your money? A combination of different transportation methods under one contract is the best solution to the problem.

We take all the responsibilities for customs clearance of imported goods within the framework of the Eurasian Economic Union.  

  • We carry out customs clearance at all customs checkpoints: at inland border-crossing points, railway stations, seaports, and airports.
  • We arrange the necessary enabling and certification documentation. 

Inter-Freight LLC has been engaging in international cargo transportation for many years. Due to this fact, all possible risks and difficulties of customs clearance have been dealt with. 

We guarantee the quality of customs services.

In order to protect our customers, we work exclusively with trustworthy insurance companies which are the leaders in the market of cargo insurance. Thanks to the agreement concluded with them, comparatively low insurance rates are available to our customers.

For your peace of mind, we constantly monitor the process of your cargos transportation, the client receives all the necessary information about the route, staging posts, location and condition of the cargo.

Complexes of cargo transportation services

To choose the most suitable type of transportation for your purposes, you can focus on the main advantages of each of them.

Air cargo traffic
The main advantage is the high speed of delivery.
Railroad freight
Champion in carrying capacity. Allows you to deliver oversized cargo weighing up to 60 tons.
Sea container shippin
The key advantage of transporting goods by water is low cost.
Road transportation
The main advantage is efficiency, there is the possibility of sending goods on the day of application.

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