Air cargo traffic

Nowadays, air transport service are the fastest ways to deliver cargo worldwide.

Thanks to air transport, cargo can be delivered to the most distant areas where a car cannot pass through. We deliver various cargo in every direction. Depending on the characteristics of the transported goods, passenger and cargo flights are used.

How do we arrange air cargo traffic?

  • we pick up the cargo from the shipper’s warehouse and deliver it to the airport by ourselves;
  • we fill in the air waybills, supply manifest, etc., providing full documentary support for the cargo;
  • we prepare goods for loading and flight (weighing, labelling, packing, etc.);
  • we organize customs registration at the airports of departure and arrival;
  • we organize bonded transportation;
  • we insure the cargo at the request of the customer;
  • throughout the entire transportation time, we inform the client about the location and status of the cargo.

Do you still have any questions about air cargo traffic? Are you doubt which type of air transport service is good for you? The consultant will answer all questions and calculate the exact price of your cargo transporting!

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