Multimodal transportation

When organizing multimodal transportation, we take advantage of the strengths of each type of transport. We take advantage on the high speed of air crafts, the weight-lifting of rail mode, the cheapness of ships, and the mobility of road transport. 

Is there no direct connection between the departure and destination points?

We will find the shortest route!

The employees of INTER-FREIGHT LLC are true professionals, who upgrade their skills every year. Over the years, they have been creating ideal routes with consideration to our customers` needs. 

The benefits the client will get after choosing multimodal transportation:

  • Reduction in expenses for cargo delivery.
  • Putting on the speed of transportation.
  • Reduction in a bureaucratic burden on the shipper.
  • We conclude one contract for the entire route and take full responsibility for the goods during transportation.

What else you need to know when ordering freight:

  • We collect cargo from different shippers for delivery to one consignee if necessary.
  • Do not worry about your cargo, we regularly report on its status and location.
  • We undertake the responsibility for customs registration and organize the passage of your goods at customs.
  • We provide full documentary support for the goods.
  • We provide a list of trusted agents for freight insurance.

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