Railroad freight

Rail freight bypasses all other types of transport in terms of capacity. The delivery of out-of-gauge loads weighing up to 60 tons is possible by railway. Besides oversize cargo, LCL, hazardous supplies, FCL, special equipment, precious and non-precious metals can be transported by rail.

How do we arrange rail freight?

  • we elaborate the optimal route and calculate the freight rate as per railway tariffs;
  • we select the train, corresponding to the specifics of the cargo;
  • we consult the client at each stage of the organization and registration of transportation;
  • we accompany transportation with all the necessary documents;
  • we organize on-and-off loading by ourselves and choose the equipment suitable for this;
  • we develop schemes for loading, unloading and securing cargo, coordinate the final plan with the railway administration;
  • we verify the lashing and safety of the cargo because it is we who are responsible for your cargo throughout the transportation;
  • we draw up the necessary documents;
  • we pay all freight charges;
  • we provide a client with up-to-date information on the location and condition of the cargo along the entire route;
  • we insure the cargo at the request of the customer.

Regardless of the type of goods and the distance to the destination, we guarantee on-time and safe delivery of your goods. Do you want to clarify the details? Or calculate the carrier cost?

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